Ben Graham Memorial Golf Tournament results

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The Ben Graham Memorial Golf Tournament held at Cabinet View Golf Course on Saturday and Sunday saw Jonny Cielak and Jackie Mee emerge as the men’s and ladies’ champions, respectively.

The two also had the Logger Legend titles.

Dann Rohrer was the Men’s Net Champion, and Bobbie Lacklen was the Women’s Net Champion.

Cielak had the first gross in the Championship Flight, pulling off a 146.

Rohrer had the first gross in the First Flight with a 151, Barry Fenn took first in the second flight with 171, and Don Wilkins had first in the third flight with a 177.

In the Ladies Flight 1, Mee had first gross with a 153, and Wendy Chirino had first gross in the Ladies Flight 2 with a 201.


Championship Flight

1st Gross: Jonny Cielak 146

2nd Gross: Kyle Duty 163

1st Net: Mike Managhan 132

2nd Net: Ricky Stindt 146, Jose Chirino 146

First Flight

1st Gross Dann Rohrer 151

2nd Gross Tracy Dooley 163

1st Net Daniel Kier 137

2nd Net Jerry Mee 139

Second Flight

1st Gross Barry Fenn 171

2nd Gross Mike Fissori 172

1st Net Kris Fuehrer 137

2nd Net Bob Dannemiller 140

Third Flight

1st Gross Don Wilkins 177

2nd Gross Ron Thatcher 183

1st Net Gary Peck 139

2nd Net Jr Crismore 140

Ladies Flight 1

1st Gross Jackie Mee 153

1st Net Bobbie Lacklen 156

2nd Net Nancy Hull 158

Ladies Flight 2

1st Gross Wendy Chirino 201

1st Net Maddie Cross 157

2nd Net Jean Agather 162

Hole Prizes, Saturday

Sat. #3-KP Bobbie Lacklen

Sat. #7-KP Barry Fenn

Sat. #11-KP Ron Thatcher

Sat. #15-KP Jonny Cielak

Long putt #9 Jean Agather

Long putt #17 Dan Kier

Long drive #1 Jonny Cielak

Long drive #6 Jean Agather

Hole Prizes, Sunday

Sat. #3-KP Todd Bassett

Sat. #7-KP Jean Agather

Sat. #11-KP Robin Swimley

Sat. #15-KP Mark Beckley

Long putt #9 Ricky Stindt

Long putt #17 Jean Agather

Long drive #18 Ricky Stindt

Long drive #18 Jean Agather

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