Libby falls in away doubleheaders

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Coming off a season high point with back-to-back wins against Kalispell’s ‘A’ team last week, the Libby Loggers took four away losses in doubleheaders Monday and Wednesday.

Libby lost to the Mission Valley Mariners Monday, 10-0 and 13-3.

In game one, the Moxley Roesler-Begalke ended the first inning denying the Mariners any runs and allowing a single hit, ending the inning with a strikeout after second baseman Austin McCully tagged out an attempted steal at second.

Mission Valley scored their first run in the second with a double on a grounder to center field. Before they could add any more runs, McCully caught a line drive at second, throwing to first baseman Trey Thompson for a double play.

The Mariner bats started hitting hard in the bottom of the third, and had the score 3-0 when catcher Quade Anderson tagged Dylan Wisniewski trying to steal home.

Yet, with Logger errors filling the bases, the Mariners scored two more runs before another out on an attempt to steal home and a pop out to McCully.

In the bottom of the inning, another Logger error put the Mariners’ Tyson Petticrew on third, where a sacrifice bunt gave him an opening to score, making it 7-0, Mission Valley.

Libby gave Mission Valley no hits in the bottom of the fourth.

Shortstop Tim Carvey caught a pop fly for the first out. Roesler-Begalke walked the Mariners’ Bryant Hales, but picked him off with a throw to first baseman Shayne Walker, followed by a strikeout.

The Mariners followed in the bottom of the sixth inning with three runs to end the game, 10-0.

Game two saw an early lead for Mission Valley, with Libby denied any hits in the first inning, and the Mariners grinding out a single run.

In the bottom of the second, a fielder’s choice to Offenbecher at second gave Libby their second out, but allowed Mission Valley to score another run, leaving it 2-0.

The Loggers made no hits in the third, and in the bottom of the inning errors plagued Libby as the Mariners added three more runs, leaving it 5-0.

The Logger bats finally started to make an impact in the fourth, loading the bases. With two outs, Offenbecher took his chance and went for home on a steal, taking the score to 5-1, Mariners.

After a walk for Roesler-Begalke loaded the bases once more, Thompson batted in Walker on a ground ball to shortstop.

Mission Valley responded with a vengeance, loading the bases and sending in three runs before the first out. As the score climbed to 10-2, Offenbecher replaced Carvey on the mound, and the Mariners made one more run off a balk before a fly out to center fielder Chris Auge.

The Loggers were down, but not out, in the sixth. Auge walked to first, stole his way to second and pushed on to third on a sacrifice fly from Carvey. A double on a line drive to center field by Walker sent Auge home for the final Libby run of the game, leaving it 10-3 at the end of the half inning.

In the bottom of the fifth, the Mariners knocked out two more runs to end the game 13-3.

The Loggers faced Cranbrook on Friday, and once more fell to the Bandits, 13-2 and 24-1.

The first inning had Libby striking out without a hit, and Cranbrook pushed in two runs in the bottom of the inning.

Anderson threw a bunted ball to Roesler-Begalke at third for the first out of the bottom of the second, but the Bandits followed with two more runs off a grounder to second.

The Libby bats started to get a piece of the ball in the third, but the Mariner defense left them with no hits.

In the bottom of the inning, Anderson gave the Bandits a walk. A steal and an error then put Cranbrook’s Ryley Ducharme on third in time for the next batter to send him home.

Two more errors and a line drive to center field saw the score at 8-0, Cranbrook, before Roesler-Begalke picked off an attempt to steal at third to close the inning.

The fourth loosened up for Libby, and Anderson had the first Logger hit of the game with a single off a hard ground ball to shortstop.

Anderson was picked off advancing to third on a fielder’s choice, but a series of walks had the bases loaded with two outs. Yet, the Loggers were unable to take advantage before a strikeout ended the half inning.

Shortl after Cranbrook returned to the plate, Anderson swappin out with Ayden Williamson on the hill. One more walk loaded the bases for the Bandits, and the next two put them up 10-0.

A couple line drives pushed the Bandits up 13-0, before a double play off a grounder to Carvey ended the inning.

In the top of the fifth, the Loggers kept the fight alive, loading up the bases with two walks and a single off a line drive to left field from Williamson. Walker came to bat with two outs on the board, knocking a fly ball into left field for a double that sent Carvey and Williamson home.

But a fly out for Gollahon brought the third out, and there was no Libby rally as the game ended 13-2.

In the second game, Libby had a run in the top of the first, briefly holding a lead against the Bandits after Walker hit a single with a hard ground ball to center field, allowing Carvey to score.

But the two hits and one run from the top of the first were to be the only movement for the Loggers that game.

Cranbrook came into the bottom of the inning on fire, tying it up on an error at second base, and taking the lead, 3-1, after another error at third. A double with the bases loaded brought the Bandits up 6-1 before a line out to Auge in center field ended the inning.

In the bottom of the second, the Loggers had Cranbrook with two outs with a runner on third when the Bandits came back to life, adding four more runs.

Libby made contact in the third, but couldn’t get the ball past the Bandit infield. In the bottom of the inning, Cranbrook added one more run, making the score 11-1.

Another no-hit half inning for the Loggers was followed by a rampage for Cranbrook, as the Bandits more than doubled their runs in a single inning.

After a hit-by-pitch and fly out to center field, Williamson replaced Offenbecher on the mound. A series of walks and singles later, Cranbrook was up 20-1 when Gollahon came to the hill to replace Williamson.

But the Bandits weren’t done with the Loggers yet, and the bases were still loaded. Four batters later, the score was 24-1, when a ground out to Offenbecher at second and another to Roesler Begalke at third ended the inning.

Auge took a walk in the top of the fifth, but a strikeout finalized Cranbrook’s win.

The Loggers play their final game of the regular season at home on Friday with a doubleheader against the Missoula Mavericks ‘A’ team, beginning at 5:10 p.m.

The American Leagion Baseball district tournament will take place in Hamilton, Thursday to Sunday, July 26-29.

Libby vs Mission Valley

Monday, July 16

Game 1

Mission Valley 10, Libby 0

L 000 000 - R:0 H:5 E:6

M 015 103 - R:10 H:12 E:1


M: James Bennett 4-1, 2R; Tyson Petticrew 3-2, 3R; Dylan Wisniewski 3-2, 1R, 1K; Corbin Davis 3-1, 1R; Izyk Gillingham 4-1, 2R; Keyan Dakby 4-3, 1R; Bryant Hales 2-1, 1BB; Eric Dolence 2-1, 1K; Gabe Mergenthaler 1-0, 1BB

L: Tim Carvey 2-0, 1BB; Jeff Offenbecher 3-1, 1K; Quade Anderson 2-0, 1BB, 1K; Garrett Gollahon 3-2; Shayne Walker 3-0; Caden Williams 3-1, 1K; Ayden Williamson 3-1; Trey Thompson 2-0, 1K; Austin McCully 1-0, 1BB

Batting: 2B - Bennett, Wisniewski, Gillingham, Dakby; TB - Bennett 2, Petticrew 2, Wisniewski 3, Davis, Gillingham 2, Dakby 4, Hales, Dolence; Gollahon 2, Offenbecher, Williams, Williamson; ROE - Petticrew, Davis, Gillingham, Hales; Walker; RBI - Wisniewski 3, Davis 2, Gillingham, Dakby 3, Dolence

Pitching: W - Xavier Fischer 6, 78 P, .641 S%, 5 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 4 SO, 3 BB; L - Moxley Roesler-Begalke 5, 73 P, .630 S%, 9 H, 7 R, 3 ER, 2 SO, 1 BB; Gollahon 0.2, 13 P, .615 S%, 3 H, 3 R, 1 ER, 0 SO, 1 BB

Game 2

Mission Valley 13, Libby 3

L 000 21 - R:3 H:6 E:5

M 113 62 - R:13 H:14 E:0


M: James Bennett 3-2, 2R, 1BB; Tyson Petticrew 3-1, 3R, 1BB; Dylan Wisniewski 3-2, 3R; Corbin Davis 4-3, 1R; Izyk Gillingham 4-1; Keyan Dakby 3-2, 1R; Bryant Hales 2-1, 2R, 1BB; Gabe Mergenthaler 3-1; Xavier Fischer 3-1, 1R

L: Tim Carvey 3-0; Jeff Offenbecher 3-1, 1R, 2K; Shayne Walker 3-2, 1R; Quade Anderson 3-1, 1K; Garrett Gollahon 2-0, 1K; Moxley Rosler-Begalke 1-0, 1BB; Caden Williams 2-1; Trey Thompson 2-1, 1K; Chris Auge 1-0, 1R, 1BB, 1K

Batting: 2B - Wisniewski, Davis, Gillingham; Walker; 3B - Dakby; TB - Bennett 2, Petticrew, Wisniewski 3, Davis 4, Gillingham 2, Dakby 4, Hales, Mergenthaler, Fischer; Anderson, Offenbecher, Thompson, Williams, Walker 3; ROE - Mergenthaler, Fischer; RBI - Wisniewski 2, Davis 3, Gillingham 2, Dakby, Hales, Fischer; Thompson, Walker

Pitching: W - Eric Dolence 4, 54 P, .593 S%, 5 H, 3 R, 3 ER, 4 SO, 2 BB; Petticrew 1, 20 P, .500 S%, 1 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 2 SO, 0 BB; L - Carvey 3.2, 62 P, .532 S%, 11 H, 11 R, 5 ER, 0 SO, 3 BB; Offenbecher 1, 22 P, .545 S%, 2 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 0 SO, 0 BB; Williams 0, 1 P, 1.000 S%, 1 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 0 SO, 0 BB

Libby vs Cranbrook

Wednesday, July 18

Game 1

Cranbrook 13, Libby 2

L 000 02 - R:2 H:3 E:6

C 224 5X - R:13 H:10 E:0


C: Robert Nickel 4-4, 2R; Hayden Mastel 4-2; Carson Meggison 4-1, 2R, 1K; Ryley Ducharme 1-0, 1R, 2BB; Greg Rebagliai. 1-1, 2R, 2BB; Brandon Thorn 2-0, 1R, 1BB; Quinn Grist 2-0, 1R, 1K; Tanner McLean 2-1, 2R, 1BB; Nevada Joseph 1-1, 2R, 1BB

L: Tim Carvey 2-0, 1R, 2K; Quade Anderson 2-1, 1BB, 1K; Shayne Walker 2-1, 1K; Garrett Gollahon 3-0; Caden Williams 1-0; Ethan Borden 0-0, 1BB; Jeff Offenbecher 1-0, 1K; Cole Murphy 1-0, 1K; Ayden Williamson 1-1, 1R; Moxley Roesler-Begalke 1-0; Trey Thompson 1-0; Joe Reynolds 1-0, 1K; Austin McCully 2-0, 1K

Batting: 2B - Nickel; Walker; TB - Nickel 5, Mastel 2, Meggison, Rebagliai, Joseph, McLean; Anderson, Walker 2, Williamson; ROE - Meggison, Grist, McLean; RBI - Nickel 2, Mastel 3, Rebagliai 2, Thorn, Joseph 2, Grist, McLean; Walker 2

Pitching: W - Meggison 5, 93 P, .602 S%, 3 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 8 SO, 2 BB; L - Anderson 3.1, 94 P, .511 S%, 8 H, 10 R, 5 ER, 2 SO, 4 BB; Williamson 0.2, 21 P, .429 S%, 2 H, 3 R, 3 ER, 0 SO, 3 BB

Game 2

Cranbrook 24, Libby 1

L 100 00 - R:1 H:2 E:2

C 641 (13)X - R:24 H:12 E:2


C: Robert Nickel 1-1, 3R, 3BB; Hayden Mastel 4-0, 1R, 1BB; Carson Megission 2-2, 5R, 3BB; Ryley Ducharme 3-2, 3R, 1BB; Brandon Thorn 5-2, 2R, 1K; Quinn Grist 3-3, 3R, 2BB; Tanner McLean 3-1, 3R, 1BB; Nevada Joseph 1-0, 3R, 3BB; Alex Smith 3-1, 1R, 1BB

L: Tim Carvey 2-0, 1R; Joe Reynolds 0-0; Quade Anderson 2-0; Shayne Walker 2-1; Garrett Gollahon 2-0; Caden Williams 1-1; Moxley Roesler-Begalke 2-0; Jeff Offenbecher 1-0; David Salgado 1-0; Ethan Borden 1-0; Trey Thompson 1-0; Ayden Williamson 1-0; Chris Auge 1-0, 1BB

Batting: 2B - Smith; TB; Nickel, Megission 2, Ducharme 2, Thorn 2, Grist 3, Smith 2, McLean; Walker, Williams; ROE - Ducharme, McLean; Carvey, Williamson; RBI - Mastel, Nickel 3, Megission, Ducharme 2, Thorn 4, Joseph 2, Grist 2, Smith 5, McLean 2; Walker

Pitching: W - Dan Mercandelli 4.2, 60 P, .650 S%, 2 H, 1 R, 0 ER, 0 SO, 1 BB; L - Williams 0.2, 39 P, .513 S%, 2 H, 6 R, 0 ER, 1 SO, 4 BB; Walker 1.1, 38 P, .447 S%, 2 H, 4 R, 4 ER, 0 SO, 4 BB; Offenbecher 1.1, 39 P, .487 S%, 2 H, 3 R, 3 ER, 0 SO, 3 BB; Williamson 0, 21 P, .238 S%, 2 H, 6 R, 6 ER, 0 SO, 1 BB; Thompson 0, 18 P, .278 S%, 1 H, 4 R, 4 ER, 0 SO, 3 BB; Gollahon 0.2, 10 P, .900 S%, 3 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 0 SO, 0 BB

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