Felony charges, attempted escape show drug connections

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A Libby man who had a warrant out for him in reference to charges of felony theft and burglary had the added charges of escape and criminal trespass after attempting to elude law enforcement Dec. 18.

Greg Moss was originally charged with felony theft and felony burglary in November, stemming from an incident that took place in late October.

A warrant for his arrest was issued by Lincoln County Justice of the Peace Jay Sheffield on Nov. 20.

Moss was not apprehended until almost a month later, during a traffic stop.

According to an affidavit from Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputy David Hall, he stopped a vehicle he believed Moss was in on Commerce Way in Libby.

Additionally, Hall reported that the vehicle was “traveling at a high rate of speed” prior to the stop.

As the vehicle slowed, Moss started to open the door, catching the attention of Hall, who prepared for Moss to run.

Hall pursued Moss on foot, identifying himself as law enforcement multiple times, his affidavit states. However, Moss continued to attempt to elude capture.

Hall pursued Moss through a winding course around several buildings before Moss entered a restaurant and ditched his jacket, according to the affidavit. However, an employee noted Moss’s behavior and told Hall that Moss had exited out the back door.

Moss continued into a motel, where Hall found him trying to hide behind a vending machine.

Hall reported that a pair of jeans was recovered which Moss had stolen from a local store that had a no-trespass order against him, resulting in the criminal trespass charge.


Moss was originally wanted in connection to a burglary and theft at a residence on East 5th Street in Libby.

Tony Berget, the victim of the theft, told Sheriff’s Deputy Boyd White that he had recently purchased the property and was in the process of cleaning it up.

On Oct. 30, Berget found the garage door forced open and tools missing.

The next day, White was dispatched to a local store that purchases used items. The staff had called dispatch after someone attempted to sell them items they suspected were stolen.

On the way to the store, White passed and then pursued a white Nissan pickup matching the description given by the store staff. Inside he found Matthew Priebe.

Priebe admitted to White that he had attempted to sell items to the store, but claimed that they had been given to him by someone else. When asked to identify the other party, Priebe responded, “You guys are putting me in a rough situation,” according to the affidavit.

White noted that he did not believe Priebe was being completely honest.

After Priebe refused to name the party who had given him the property to pawn — and to whom he said he had returned the stolen property — he was detained.

After White confronted Priebe once more, telling Priebe that Shelby Ward had been seen fleeing the area as law enforcement arrived. Priebe then told White that the stolen property had come from Ward and Moss.

Both the Nissan and a Ford Explorer at the scene registered to Priebe were seized to preserve evidence.

When Ward was later apprehended and questioned, she named Moss, telling White she had been to the house with the Moss and another man.

Ward told law enforcement that Priebe had been the first to “hit” the house, followed later by Moss.

Ward told law enforcement that the thefts were motivated by drug use, mainly methamphetamine, according to the affidavit.

After Ward was released, she contacted law enforcement to tell them that she was contacted by Brandon Hughes, who wanted Moss to come and take potentially stolen property from Hughes’ residence.

At Hughes’ residence, he and his sister, Ashley Obrecht, presented law enforcement with a duffle bag filled with property matching the description of items stolen from Berget.

Obrecht told law enforcement that Moss and Brooke Rosling had borrowed her van several nights prior and come back with the property, which they left at the residence.

After being confronted again, Priebe told law enforcement that he had been to the garage and taken items before others. He told White that Angel Fisher had gone with him to the residence, though Fisher denied ever going to the residence.

The initial estimated value of the stolen property came to $4,515, according to the affidavit. White noted that as of Nov. 8 all but $530 of the property had been recovered.

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