WRESTLING: Libby wrestlers place sixth at Owen Invite

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POLSON — Parker Adler won a 10-2 decision over Missoula Sentinel’s Luke Joy in the finals of the 152-pound weight class to lead host Polson to a third-place finish at the Owen Invitational on Saturday at Linderman Gymnasium.

Adler was one of three Pirates to advance to the finals, but the only one to capture a victory.

Rene Pierre took second in the 113-pound division, while Bridger Wenzel was the runner-up in the 138-pound class.

Columbia Falls’ Taylor Glaudaue bested teammate Kyler Koski in a 4-3 decision to win the heavyweight title.

Ben Windauer (170) and Colten McPhee (182) tallied second-place finishes for the Wildcats, who finished fourth.

Missoula Sentinel defended its team title in resounding fashion with 193 points. Frenchtown was second with 161 points. Polson and Columbia Falls followed with 104.5 and 119, respectively.

Libby finished sixth with 82 points, while Eureka was 11th (58 points) behind a second-place finish by Nathan Schmidt in the 126-pound weight class.

Whitefish came in 15th with 35 points.

Polson led all area teams with three third-place finishes individually, most notably Maysn Cowell’s pin of Whitefish’s Nathan Sproul in just 28 seconds in the 103-pound division.

Columbia Falls and Libby also had two third-place finishers, and Eureka had one.

Owen Invitational


Day 1 Results

First round

113 – Walker Murphy, Misson/Charlo, pinned Ashton Flamand, Browning, 1:27; Gunnar Smith, Eureka, pinned Roman Sparks, Thompson Falls, 3:01. 120 – Jake Bibler, Ftwn, pinned Aaron Edens, Flor, :52; Elliot Vanosdell, Stevi, techfall Nick Ramsey, Hel, 16-0; Austin Nelson, C. Falls, pinned Devin Sorrell, Lake City, 4:18; Mike Parkin, Superior, pinned Robert Dempsey, M/C, 1:33; Kedrick Baker, Polson, dec. Kyle Durden, Eureka, 5-4; Dylan Yeadon, Libby, pinned Thomas Peters, C. Falls, 3:10; Dakota Thomas, Sen, pinned Ethan Cramer, Hamilton, :18; Kaleb Frank, TF, pinned James Wissenbach, Cor, 2:31. 126 – Dante Veneman, Cor, mdec. Brody Marcure, Ftwn, 12-3; Nathan Buckley, Wfsh, dec. Wesley Buchannen, Sup, 3-2; Cole Anson, Ham, pinned Nathan Ostwald, TF, 1:40; Bailey Weible, M/C, pinned Owen Targerson, 2:53; Brayden Terzo, Hel, dec. Gage Fuhrman, 5-1. 132 – Michael Golden, Ham, pinned Conner May, Hel, 3:15; Ricky Thomas, LC, pinned Hunter Haskins, Sup, 3:09; Owen Indreland, Ftwn, pinned Jarod Farrier, Pol, 4:28; Benji Opat, Cor, Treven Mertins, Stevi, :41; Ayden Role, CF, dec. Cody Crace, 5-1; Triston Davis, Cor, pinned Sidney Cooke, Wfsh, 1:21; Cole Gilleard, M/C, pinned Jonny chamberlin, 5:00; Reece Eckley, Sent, pinned Brenan Running Crane, Brown, 1:14. 138 – Riley Gurr, Ftwn, pinned Trey Thompson, Lib, :31; tommy Campbell, Brwn, pinned Kolby Reum, Ronan, 5:14; Dakota Flannery, Wfsh, pinned Randon Weidow, Cor, 1:36; Beau King, Sent, pinned Isaiah Kovalsky, Sup, 2:00; Bridger Williams, Ham, pinned Allan Allsop, Cor, 1:49; Bridger Hall, Hel, mdec. Darwin Adams, M/C, 15-4; Avery Meinzen, Flor, pinned Aric Fortin, LC, :36; Bridger Wenzel, Pol, dec. Brandon Thomas, CF, 9-4. 145 – Cameron Brown, Pol, pinned Tanner Terzo, Hel, 5:07; Jhase Monroe, Brwn, pinned Thomas Anderson, Sup, 1:50; Seth Cheff, Ron, pinned Zach Morgan, Cor, :37; Jethro Thorne, Flo, pinned Daylon Moore, Ham, 1:10; Blake King, Ftwn, pinned Jadon tipps, Stevi, 3:57; Jeffery Offenbecher, Lib, pinned Porter Howard, LC, 3:42; Nathan Hader, CF, dec. Kaleb Unger, Pol, 10-5; Cam Hegel, Sent, pinned Chance Muller, Eur, 1:09. 152 – Parker Adler, Pol, win by forfeit; Aaron Christensen, Cor, pinned Gabriel Gates, LC, 1:23; Isaiah Alik, M/C, dec. Dustin Copeland, Ham, 6-5; Cody Garison, TF, pinned Kellen Maart, Hel, 1:01; Laine Young, Lib, pinned Christian Nelson, CF, 5:06; Eric Dolence, Ron, pinned Simm Devereux, Brwn, 2:44; Jack Eisenbarth, Wfsh, pinned Caleb Pierre, Pol, 3:38; Luke Joy, Sent, pinned Nate Cargill, Eur, 2:55. 160 – Drew Schmitt, Cor, pinned Joe Anderson, Brwn, 1:58; Bailey Hawk, Sent, pinned Isaak Maxfield, Stevi, 3:27; Miles Anderson, M/C, pinned Garrett Croft, Pol, 4:35; Seth Nutting, LC, pinned Tim Carvey, Lib, 3:19; Braydon Stone, CF, pinned Sam Ostwald, TF, 4:55; James Fehr, Eur, mdec. Robert Bertelsen, Wfsh, 12-3; Jase Lewis, Hel, pinned Tyler Uhrich, Pol, 4:38; Michael Edwards, Ftwn, pinned Daniel Collins Bishop, Ron, 5:56. 170 – Ben Windauer, CF, pinned Aaron Hanson, Pol, 1:37; Ryan Kipp, Brwn, pinned Luke Fuhrman, TF, 1:56; Reese Rahn, Sent, pinned Zach Blomquist, Flo, :57; Zane Monaghan, LC, pinned John Tinnell, Lib, 2:11; Jase Sorenson, TF, techfall Hyme Anderson, Ham, 18-2; Tanner Wood, Lib, pinned Aalec Pace, Wfsh, :45; Charlie Bulcalf, Brwn, pinned Canyon Shope, Ftwn, 1:42; Hunter Fritsch, Pol, techfall Abraxas Brydon, Hel, 17-2. 182 – Gus Bosley, M/C, pinned Dylan Clubb, Stevi, :15; Spencer Jones, Flo, dec. Emmit Augure, Brwn, 8-4; Dylan Goforth, Sent, pinned Justice Moore, Pol, :47; Justin Mays, Ron, pinned Kale Wanner, Ham, 1:11; Jace Augare, Brwn, pinned Ethan Borden, Lib, 5:32; Colten McPhee, CF, pinned Stuart Butler, Hel, 1:10. 205 – Bryar Newbary, Sent, pinned Daunte M, Ham, 1:03; Fisher Billsbrough, CF, pinned Lucas Wholtmann, M/C, :58; Ryan Long Time Sleep, Brwn, pinned Austin Cooper, TF, 3:27; Kyle Anderson, Ham, pinned Simon Granberg, Eur, 1:00; Wesley Pablo, Ron, pinned Mahlon Clark, LC, 1:17; Levi Downard, Ftwn, pinned Alexander Mathewson, Pol, 1:03; Jakob Freeman, CF, pinned Allen Dallapiazza, Hel, :14. Hwt – Kyler Koski, CF, pinned Tyler Woods, Stevi, :49; Jesse Mecham, Ftwn, pinned Keegan Wold, Wfsh, :30; Seth Alarcon, TF, pinned Reece Buchanan, Ham, :55, Chris Anderson, M/C, pinned Cyrus Sweedman, Lib, 5:22, Sam Johnson, Eur, pinned Owen Hughes, LC, 3:35; Taylor Glaudaue, CF, pinned Cade Jessop, Cor, :12; Drekin Kelley, Hel, pinned Bailey Hayes, Ham, 1:46; Tanner Stack, Sent, pinned Sebastian Driver, Stevi, :16.

Second round

103 – Caden Hess, Lake City, pinned Nathan Sproul, Whitefish, 1:34; Brody Soderquist, Polson, pinned Logan Bratch, :39; Oliver Post, Florence, pinned Jordan Tack, Hellgate, 1:14; Eli Warner, Frenchtown, dec. Maysn Cowell, Polson, 5-0. 113 – Walker Dyer, Frenchtown, pinned Bryson Danzinger, Sentinel, 2:37; Walker Murphy, M/C, pinned Coe Rahmsdorf, Corvallis, 1:46; Gunnar Smith, Eureka, pinned Kellen Robbins, Stevi, 3:10; Rene Pierre, Polson, pinned Garhet Salminen, C. Falls, 1:13. 120 – Bibler, Ftwn, pinned Vonosdell, Stevi, :42; Nelson, CF, pinned Parkin, Sup, 3:03; Yeadon, Lib, def. Baker, Pol, forfeit; Frank, TF, pinned Thomas, 2:46. 126 – Venema, Cor, dec. Justin Kovalicky, Sent, 5-4; Buckley, Wfsh, pinned Anson, Ham, 3:40; Weible, M/C, def. Jaxon Heinz, CF, forfeit; Nathan Schmidt, Eur, pinned Terzo, Hel, 1:49. 132 – Golden, Ham, pinned Thomas, 2:00; Indreland, Ftwn, mdec. Opat, 15-3; Davis, Cor, pinned Role, CF, 5:54; Eckley, Sent, pinned Gilleard, M/C, 3:12. 138 – Gurr, Ftwn, pinned Campbell, Brwn, :12; King, Sent, pinned Flannery, Wfsh, 2:51; Williams, Ham, dec. Hall, Hel, 5-1; Wenzel, Pol, pinned Meinzen, Flor, 5:40. 145 – Brown, Pol, pinned Monroe, Brwn, 3:02; Thorne, Flo, pinned Cheff, Ron, 2:54; Offenbeche, Lib, dec. King, Ftwn, 10-5; Hegel, Sent, pinned Hader, CF, 2:56. 152 – Adler, Pol, pinned Christensen, Cor, :31; Garrison, TF, dec. Alik, M/C, 8-1; Young, Lib, pinned Dolence, Ron, 1:46; Joy, Sent, mdec. Eisenbarth, Wfsh, 13-0. 160 – Schmitt, Cor, dec. Hawk, Sent, 8-4; Nutting, LC, dec. Anderson, M/C, 9-6; Fehr, Eur, pinned Stone, CF, 5:31; Edwards, Ftwn, pinned Lewis, Hel, 1:36. 170 – Windauer, CF, pinned Kipp, Brwn, 2:17; Monaghan, LC, pinned Rahn, Sent, 5:30; Sorenson, TF, pinned Wood, Lib, 5:13; Fritsch, Pol, pinned Bulcalf, Brwn, :29. 182 – Bosley, M/C, pinned Dakota Irvine, TF, :39; Spencer Jones, Flo, pinned Tate Jones, Ftwn, 3:25; Goforth, Sent, dec. Mays, Ron, 5-3; McPhee, CF, pinned Augare, Brwn, :18. 205 – Newbary, Sent, pinned Billsbrough, CF, 2:11; Noah Humphrey, Pol, dec. Long Time Sleep, Brwn, 6-3; Anderson, Ham, pinned Pablo, Ron, 1:50; Freeman, CF, dec. Downard, Ftwn, 5-4. Hwt – Koski, CF, dec. Mecham, Ftwn, 5-1; Alarcon, TF, dec. Anderson, M/C, 3-1; Glaudaue, CF, pinned Johnson, Eur, 1:07; Stack, Sent, pinned Kelley, Hel, 1:34.

Day 2 Results


103 – Eli Warner, Ftwn, dec. Caden Hess, LCI, 9-2. 113 – Walker Dyer, Ftwn, dec. Rene Pierre, Pol, 5-3. 120 – Jake Bibler, Ftwn, maj. dec. Kaleb Frank, TF, 9-0. 126 – Dante Venema, Cor, dec. Nathan Schmidt, Eu, 7-4. 132 – Reece Eckley, Sen, p. Michael Golden, Ham, 1:06. 138 – Riley Gurr, Ftwn, p. Bridger Wenzel, Pol, 2:38. 145 – Cam Hegel, Sen, p. Jethro Thorne, Flo, 3:10. 152 – Parker Adler, Pol, dec. Luke Joy, Sen, 10-2. 160 – Michael Edwards, Ftwn, dec. Drew Schmitt, Cor, 8-4. 170 – Jase Sorenson, TF, dec. Ben Windauer, CF, 8-6. 182 – Gus Bosley, M/C, p. Colten McPhee, CF, :43. 205 – Bryar Newbary, Sen, dec. Kyle Anderson, Ham, 6-0. Hwt – Taylor Glaudaue, CF, dec. Kyler Koski, CF, 4-3.

Third place

103 – Maysn Cowell, Pol, p. Nathan Sproul, Whi, 0:28. 113 – Gunnar Smith, Eu, dec. Kellen Robbins, Ste, 4-0. 120 – Austin Nelson, CF, p. Dylan Yeadon, Lib, 3:00. 126 – Justin Kovalicky, Sen, dec. Brayden Terzo, MH, 5-1. 132 –Triston Davis, Cor, p. Owen Indreland, Ftwn, 2:54. 138 – Beau King, Sen, p. Dakota Flannery, Whi, 1:34. 145 – Cameron Brown, Pol, dec. Seth Cheff, Ron, 3-0. 152 – Laine Young, Lib, dec. Cody Garrison, TF, 9-2. 160 – Tim Carvey, Lib, p. James Fehr, Eu, 1:47. 170 – Hunter Fritsch, Pol, p. Zane Monaghan, LCI, 1:15. 182 – Dylan Goforth, Sen, dec. Emmit Augure, Brown, 3-1. 205 – Jakob Freeman, CF, dec. Noah Humphrey, Pol, 1-0. Hwt – Tanner Stack, Sen, p. Sweedman Cyrus, Lib, :37.

Team Results

Missoula Sentinel 193, Frenchtown 161, Polson 140.5, Columbia Falls 119, Thompson Falls 87.5, Libby 82, Mission/Charlo 72.5, Hamilton 71, Corvallis 70.5, Lake City, Idaho 60, Eureka 58, Florence 49, Missoula Hellgate 37, Browning 36, Whitefish 35, Stevensville 31.5, Ronan 29, Superior 7.

Results for Libby/Troy

120: Dylan Yeadon (Libby/Troy) - 4th

Champ. Round 1 - Dylan Yeadon (Libby/Troy) over Thomas Peters (Columbia Falls) (Fall 3:10)

Quarterfinals - Dylan Yeadon (Libby/Troy) over Kedrick Baker (Polson) (For.)

Semifinals - Kaleb Frank (Thompson Falls) over Dylan Yeadon (Libby/Troy) (Dec 7-2)

Cons. Semis - Dylan Yeadon (Libby/Troy) over Kyle Durden (Lincoln Co. (Eureka)) (Dec 3-2)

3rd Place Match - Austin Nelson (Columbia Falls) over Dylan Yeadon (Libby/Troy) (Fall 3:00)

132: Cody Crace (Libby/Troy) - DNP

Champ. Round 1 - Ayden Role (Columbia Falls) over Cody Crace (Libby/Troy) (Dec 5-1)

Cons. Round 1 - Cody Crace (Libby/Troy) over Sidney Cooke (Whitefish) (Fall 2:28)

Cons. Round 2 - Cody Crace (Libby/Troy) over Benji Opat (Corvallis) (Dec 10-5)

Cons. Round 3 - Ricky Thomas (Lake City) over Cody Crace (Libby/Troy) (Dec 4-2)

138: Trey Thompson (Libby/Troy) - DNP

Champ. Round 1 - Riley Gurr (Frenchtown) over Trey Thompson (Libby/Troy) (Fall 0:31)

Cons. Round 1 - Trey Thompson (Libby/Troy) over Kolby Reum (Ronan) (Fall 1:31)

Cons. Round 2 - Avery Meinzen (Florence-Carlton) over Trey Thompson (Libby/Troy) (Fall 1:45)

152: Laine Young (Libby/Troy) - 3rd

Champ. Round 1 - Laine Young (Libby/Troy) over Austin Nelson (Columbia Falls) (Fall 5:06)

Quarterfinals - Laine Young (Libby/Troy) over Eric Dolence (Ronan) (Fall 1:46)

Semifinals - Luke Joy (Missoula Sentinel) over Laine Young (Libby/Troy) (Dec 8-1)

Cons. Semis - Laine Young (Libby/Troy) over Isaiah Alik (Saint Ignatius/Charlo) (Dec 3-1)

3rd Place Match - Laine Young (Libby/Troy) over Cody Garrison (Thompson Falls) (Dec 9-2)

145: Jeffery Offenbecher (Libby/Troy) - DNP

Champ. Round 1 - Jeffery Offenbecher (Libby/Troy) over Porter Howard (Lake City) (Fall 3:42)

Quarterfinals - Jeffery Offenbecher (Libby/Troy) over Blake King (Frenchtown) (Dec 10-5)

Semifinals - Cam Hegel (Missoula Sentinel) over Jeffery Offenbecher (Libby/Troy) (Fall 0:58)

Cons. Semis - Seth Cheff (Ronan) over Jeffery Offenbecher (Libby/Troy) (Dec 6-0)

160: Tim Carvey (Libby/Troy) - 3rd

Champ. Round 1 - Seth Nutting (Lake City) over Tim Carvey (Libby/Troy) (Fall 3:19)

Cons. Round 1 - Tim Carvey (Libby/Troy) over Garrett Croft (Polson) (Fall 1:28)

Cons. Round 2 - Tim Carvey (Libby/Troy) over Braydon Stone (Columbia Falls) (Fall 1:14)

Cons. Round 3 - Tim Carvey (Libby/Troy) over Isaak Maxfield (Stevensville/Victor) (Fall 0:40)

Cons. Semis - Tim Carvey (Libby/Troy) over Seth Nutting (Lake City) (Dec 8-1)

3rd Place Match - Tim Carvey (Libby/Troy) over James Fehr (Lincoln Co. (Eureka)) (Fall 1:47)

170: Jonathan Tinnell (Libby/Troy) - DNP

Champ. Round 1 - Zane Monaghan (Lake City) over Jonathan Tinnell (Libby/Troy) (Fall 2:11)

Cons. Round 1 - Jonathan Tinnell (Libby/Troy) over Zach Blomquist (Florence-Carlton) (Fall 3:36)

Cons. Round 2 - Tanner Wood (Libby/Troy) over Jonathan Tinnell (Libby/Troy) (For.)

170: Tanner Wood (Libby/Troy) - DNP

Champ. Round 1 - Tanner Wood (Libby/Troy) over Aalec Pace (Whitefish) (Fall 0:45)

Quarterfinals - Jase Sorenson (Thompson Falls) over Tanner Wood (Libby/Troy) (Fall 5:13)

Cons. Round 2 - Tanner Wood (Libby/Troy) over Jonathan Tinnell (Libby/Troy) (For.)

Cons. Round 3 - Tanner Wood (Libby/Troy) over Luke Fuhrman (Thompson Falls) (Fall 1:44)

Cons. Semis - Zane Monaghan (Lake City) over Tanner Wood (Libby/Troy) (Dec 4-3)

182: Ethan Borden (Libby/Troy) - DNP

Champ. Round 1 - Jace Augare (Browning) over Ethan Borden (Libby/Troy) (Fall 5:32)

Cons. Round 1 - Stuart Butler (Hellgate) over Ethan Borden (Libby/Troy) (MD 13-4)

285: Sweedman Cyrus (Libby/Troy) - 4th

Champ. Round 1 - Chris Anderson (Saint Ignatius/Charlo) over Sweedman Cyrus (Libby/Troy) (Fall 5:22)

Cons. Round 1 - Sweedman Cyrus (Libby/Troy) over Reece Buchanen (Hamilton/Darby) (Fall 1:26)

Cons. Round 2 - Sweedman Cyrus (Libby/Troy) over Sam Johnson (Lincoln Co. (Eureka)) (SV-1 4-2)

Cons. Round 3 - Sweedman Cyrus (Libby/Troy) over Tyler Woods (Stevensville/Victor) (MD 9-1)

Cons. Semis - Sweedman Cyrus (Libby/Troy) over Seth Alarcon (Thompson Falls) (Dec 8-1)

3rd Place Match - Tanner Stack (Missoula Sentinel) over Sweedman Cyrus (Libby/Troy) (Fall 0:37)

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