2017 TROY MAYORAL ELECTION: Q&A with the candidates

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Charles “Chuck” Ekstedt

In anticipation of Election Day, The Western News posed seven questions to the three candidates for mayor of Troy. One candidate — Dallas Carr — is a current council member. The other two candidates are Charles Ekstedt and Chris Penner.

Carr and Penner’s answers appeared in Tuesday’s paper. Ekstedt’s answers follow.

Please describe your public service experience.

I have numerous public service experiences spanning many years. For the past eight years I have volunteered with the CARD Clinic’s Adopt-a-Highway program, where we clean the sides of the highway three times a year. For numerous years I have volunteered for the Helping Hands for Christmas program by buying gifts and in the organization of the the gift exchange. The past eight years I have also volunteered with the Troy Christmas tree. I’ve climbed the tree to help string the lights and to place the star on the top. I have also helped with the Big Sky Bash concert several times. I am always up for helping the community whenever I am asked to volunteer my time.

What motivates you to serve the public?

More of an interest in keeping the small town values along with an interest in serving the needs of the growing community of Troy. I would like to see everyone work together to make Troy a more beautiful, safe and productive place to live, work and play.

What is it about your background or experience that informs or shapes the public service?

I came from nothing and worked my way up to leading workers to perform more efficient. There is a very little profit margin in logging and you have to make the best out of the situation to make a profit. I have been a foreman of several logging companies and an owner of one. In all of these instances I have always brought the production up and made more profit for the company.

To the extent you have served the public, what are your proudest accomplishments?

I am equally proud of all of my accomplishments that have helped to beautify the community. I enjoy working with the residents to make this a safe and beautiful area to work, play and live in.

What would you see as your cities most pressing concerns and how would you address them if elected?

Once in office I plan on talking with the City Council and the community to see what they think the most pressing issues are that need addressed and address them according to priority. I know some street repair and utility maintenance is necessary. The last of money makes this hard to accomplish. The thought is to look into some possible grants.

The meth problem is another issue that needs addressed. We need more programs to help keep the kids positive and interested in sports and recreational activities. (They say idle hands are the devil’s tools.) The Unite for Coalition in collaboration with the Flathead Chemical Dependency clinic have several grants to help with this effort. I intend to utilize all available avenues if I am elected.

What is your profession?

I have been in the logging industry since 1990 and worked my way up from the bottom overseeing many employees and many projects to owning my own company for 11 years. At the present time I am a professional tree faller, a hazard tree specialist, a wildland firefighter and most importantly a husband and father.

Anything else you would like to say to the voters?

I might not know everything it takes to be a mayor, but I’ll give you 100 percent to help keep this town great and to try to bring small business here while protecting the small town feel. I apologize for not having my answers completed with the other candidates. I was unavailable at press time because I was in hunting camp with my family. Family is very important to me and an accomplishment I am truly proud of.

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