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Man charged with assault

Peterson allegedly beat wife with baseball bat in their home

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Posted: Tuesday, October 1, 2013 10:33 am | Updated: 11:07 am, Tue Oct 1, 2013.

Joshua Junior Peterson, 35, was charged Monday with aggravated assault and assault with a weapon after a Saturday morning call in which a woman was reported beaten with a baseball bat.

Tracee Peterson, Joshua’s wife, 38, was in critical condition in a Kalispell hospital, according to Troy Police Chief Bob McLeod.

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          • Discuss

          Welcome to the discussion.


          • another opinion posted at 3:44 pm on Sun, Oct 13, 2013.

            another opinion Posts: 9

            Hailey your family is in our prayers .

          • Hailey Peterson posted at 12:45 pm on Wed, Oct 9, 2013.

            Hailey Peterson Posts: 3

            Its sad to see this.... these are my parents and i hate that everyone has to comment and give there opinion.. my dad did wrong and none desuves this! As for now my mom is seattle at harborview hospital and is in good hands.. please keep us in your prayers..

            God blesss

          • Concerned About Libby posted at 5:51 pm on Sun, Oct 6, 2013.

            Concerned About Libby Posts: 253


            I realize how hard it is to have a reasonable, sensible, and rational conversation with unreasonable, irrational people that make no sense.

            So, I will not try anymore!

            What I will say, is that there is not a prayer of a chance that I would give ANYTHING to anybody in Libby, MT.

            I have watched these trusted individuals squander millions of dollars, with nothing to show for it.

            I believe the word you may use would be an "enabler" if I were to give these crooks anything, and trust that they would use it correctly and be good stewards of the money.

            Next, TFhit the nail on the head, and I've stated and restated again and again, "your efforts and anger are misguided and misdirected".

            You obviously didn't take a drive three hours each way, nor did you go to the library, or you would be joining in the majority opinion and placing your efforts and anger towards the corrupt, lazy, and inept individuals that are the shot callers in Libby.

            That being said:

            Believe it or not miss "pain", we really are on your side!

          • homebody posted at 4:38 pm on Sun, Oct 6, 2013.

            homebody Posts: 46

            O seriously, you all are ridiculous beyond belief. Communicating with you is similar to abusive relationship. Twisting everything to benefit your own personal opinion, an opinion that is not shared by all. Good luck to you all on the venture of getting all the county reps to step down.
            I see now why the officer who initially encountered Hubbard may have been met with an unpleasant personality.
            End note....domestic violence counseling is written into the new affordable health care plan, what is needed now it to have it written into domestic violence laws for first offense. One sentence on paper that could have helped the family above ten years ago.

          • posted at 3:41 pm on Sun, Oct 6, 2013.


            Homebody is finally on to something. Not the part about telling Rob what to do with possible restitution for years of abuse and the resulting work involved in bringing suit. I agree with Fergie that her attitude is very entitlement minded and shows little compassion for the way Rob's family was ripped apart by our legal system.

            I'm talking about support for domestic violence organizations. Who are they, homebody? What do they do to fix the problems that we have? Do they hold the County Attorney's office accountable for weak plea bargains that allow women abusers to walk? I think we can all get behind an organization that would work to end this violence. Tell us more.

          • turd ferguson posted at 3:06 pm on Sun, Oct 6, 2013.

            turd ferguson Posts: 496

            Homebody, you state: "It appears Concerned About Libby what you are saying is if you are awarded a settlement you would be totally willing to donate it ALL back into the community for the greater good and keep nothing for yourself because principle alone is all you are concerned about." How did you get any intentions out of what CAL would, or wouldn't, do with a monetary judgment? If he's awarded damages, that's his money to do with as he pleases. What does it say about your character and sense of entitlement to tell someone, anyone, what they should do with what is theirs? If you are mad about the potential loss to the county, direct your anger to where it properly belongs - the ones who are alleged to have committed the transgressions. Your arguments are getting worse all the time. "Rape the county," you say. Grow up. For someone who likes to carry the banner of advocacy for victims, you should probably not misuse the word "rape" like that, it is insulting to anyone who really knows what "rape" is.

          • homebody posted at 11:41 am on Sun, Oct 6, 2013.

            homebody Posts: 46

            It appears Concerned About Libby what you are saying is if you are awarded a settlement you would be totally willing to donate it ALL back into the community for the greater good and keep nothing for yourself because principle alone is all you are concerned about. A man of principle would surely not rape the county of funds that could be donated back and used to better the community in ways that are much needed. Perhaps you could clarify now publicly what a settlement could be used for if not yourself.
            Maybe we can shift back to the issue at hand above and you could vow to donate to the local domestic violence organizations who are very much in need. Now that would be the ultimate act of a man who is truly all about principle.

          • Concerned About Libby posted at 10:23 am on Sun, Oct 6, 2013.

            Concerned About Libby Posts: 253

            Boredwithit, how correct you are partially.

            To think that all of this negative press, and manifestation of the corrupt and criminal actions of the government officials, and the subsequent judgment that is going to cost Lincoln County taxpayers are all because of their reaction to a day of drinking and filthy language at the marina.

            Sickening isn't it?

            We finally agree on something!

            Furthermore, I don't know what, if anything, the jury will award. It's not my objective. Never has been, and never will be.

            Every other person would have settled. EVERY ONE! How can I make such a claim? Because EVERY OTHER person that has been wronged and sued Lincoln County, has settled.

            It's ALWAYS about money, and never about principle and making a change.

            Until now!

            So, if there is a monetary judgment against Lincoln County, then so be it. But what I'm really after, is the rest of the defendants to step down. I'm after Bernie Cassidy to get replaced. I'm after Bowe to step down and go play in the woods with the rest of his hillbilly friends. I'm after Sheffield to get voted out and resume his life as a disgraced cop from So Cal that had to move to Montana because of his previous indiscretions.

            And lastly, to make Lincoln County a safer place for all. By putting people in those positions that will put the good of the County first, and their personal motives last.

            As far as Randy goes.... I will reach out to both Randi and Randy and offer them a day at the beauty salon where they can get welcomed into the 90's. I'd say welcome them into 2013, but I don't wanna shock em too much, so just move em (you) into the 90's would be a good start.

          • boredwithit posted at 11:11 pm on Sat, Oct 5, 2013.

            boredwithit Posts: 149

            And to think, all your fine law learning is the result of a day of drinking and using filthy language at the Marina!
            You should offer Randy a large amount of all the riches that you get from Lincoln County when you win the big lawsuit.

          • Concerned About Libby posted at 5:49 pm on Fri, Oct 4, 2013.

            Concerned About Libby Posts: 253

            Finally!!! Despite all your wishy washy, back and forth, irrational ideas that change depending on which way the wind blows... you actually said something that is backed by actual facts.

            "The finest law team Lincoln County will ever see".

            Correct you are.

            The sad part is, the finest law team Lincoln County will ever see, doesn't even have a law degree!!!

          • homebody posted at 5:31 pm on Fri, Oct 4, 2013.

            homebody Posts: 46

            Well there you have it folks! The finest law team Lincoln County will ever see, gathered right here on the western news and all it takes is a trip to the library because experience and education are irrelevant. =0
            Never did I say tightening up the law was an insurmountable hurdle. IN fact my stance is it is a necessary hurdle.
            Yes Bernie Cassidy could say do not accept plea bargains, however offering one is a legal right on both sides. If he was to direct his prosecuting attorney to never accept a plea bargain he runs the risk of offenders escaping charges (Savage acquittal)
            My statement has been and will always be, the law needs to be limited with mental health treatment a mandatory requirement.
            Try to remember some of you backed up Savage as being a victim of a corrupt system (probably still do) or will this be when you flip and say they never came down hard enough on him? Case in point...domestic violence is not so black and white.
            This is what happens sometimes when mentally ill men believe themselves to be innocent of harm and jurors have to decide what to believe. This comment was made after Savage's acquittal by a "concerned citizen"
            "Now this guy at least has a chance of getting his reputation back.

            Secondly, this man spent 268 days in jail. 268 days of his life, he will never get back! 268 days of not being with his family!

            Do you have any idea what kind of principles this man must have? Think about it... Undoubtedly, Joe Cik and the bullies tried to offer him some stupid plea bargain. I'm sure this guy could have accepted it and walked 250 days earlier.. but he obviously felt he was innocent completely.. for him to say no to all plea bargains, and stay in jail awaiting trial.

            And Joe Cik has the "stones" to say "it's just that alot of things happened between the assault charge and the tampering charge". And, "it's tough to get a jury conviction in Lincoln County"

            Now, if the laws were written to eliminate that giant gap of 24 hours to 365 days with a mental health assessment....Mr. Savage might have gotten some serious intervention back in 2008 but it would have had to be mandatory because these men do not understand that they are disturbed, or even wrong.
            Now they have to try again with a witness who is backing him up. What we can take away from this is their job is HARD.
            I am done here. I have a jog to the library on my schedule today with a quick stop at the county attorney's office to ask them why administering justice is difficult, when even the citizens stand against them.

          • DC Orr posted at 5:06 pm on Fri, Oct 4, 2013.

            DC Orr Posts: 212

            Bernard Cassidy has been in the County Attorneys Office for 24 years, homebody. The reason so many people are saying the County Attorney is the problem is because the County Attorney is the problem. Do your homesork.

          • Concerned About Libby posted at 3:19 pm on Fri, Oct 4, 2013.

            Concerned About Libby Posts: 253

            homebody, homebody, homebody.... I would suggest you run, not walk, to your nearest law library. Please by pass the county attorneys office and local attorneys that want to stop you before you get a chance to read how the law is really SUPPOSED to work, not just how it works in Libby.

            Secondly, if you by chance make it to the library and read how it really works, you can then stop by the County Attorney office and ask them why they are not administering justice for these victims that you represent.

            Thirdly, it may be a national problem, and we all know that we cannot fix a problem that large.

            But if you truly think it's an insurmountable hurdle to make change, why in the world are you on here advocating for it? Do you just enjoy reading your words?

            I, for one, believe that it can change.

            For all the reasons that Lincoln County has become corrupt and off kilter, are the same reasons that it can be turned around rather quickly.

            Lincoln County is an isolated, small community. It only has a few people that dictate what does and what does not happen.

            Case in point is the leniency that you complain about.

            Bernie Cassidy is the guy. Period. End of story. He doesn't need Obama or anyone else to decide to take a stand against this type of behavior.

            It's called discretion. And he DOES HAVE the authority and discretion to NEVER EVER EVER offer a plea bargain to a woman beater or child abuser again.

            Now, that would mean he would have to work a lot harder and get his deputy county attorneys to work as well, but that's why they are there.

            I really hope that you don't stop advocating against this and let them off the hook... You are advocating for a great cause, your are just misguided and your efforts are misdirected.

            From the sounds of it, you were a victim at one point. From what I hear, you were fed some propaganda from their office, manipulating you into thinking their hands were tied, and letting our offender off easy.

            So, you were victimized by the offender, and again victimized by the County Attorney office with their lies and propaganda.

            After you read at the library (assuming they haven't removed all the books that tell you the truth), take a ride about 3 hours either way of LIbby. You pick. Just drive three hours somewhere. Then ask their County Attorney or anyone else for that matter, how it really works.

            I am confident that when you leave the confines of Lincoln County, you will see that you have been extremely misdirected and misguided by those you trust so much.

            Which is why we detest them. You are not alone! They did the same thing to a couple of innocent children! Oh but wait, they aren't really victims right?

          • homebody posted at 2:38 pm on Fri, Oct 4, 2013.

            homebody Posts: 46

            The "victim bandwagon" would make a little sense if I actually blamed county attorney's for how these cases operate, but I do not. I recognize this is a national problem and I recognize the complicated aspects of a domestic violence case. Victim bandwagon would make sense If I was trying to convince people this problem is limited to Lincoln County and it is not.
            You can replace the county attorney's, and I assume they have changed over the last ten years, and these cases will not change.
            What I also see here is a group of individuals who take issue with anyone who dare say the county attorney's are not to blame and just might have a job to do that is beyond your understanding.

          • Concerned About Libby posted at 10:40 am on Fri, Oct 4, 2013.

            Concerned About Libby Posts: 253

            BB82, I have to concur with your statement regarding the lawyers.

            I personally believe that if the County Attorney has real evidence to convict a defendant, then based on the severity of the details of the charge, they should not be offering plea bargains, and should be trying the cases to get the most time possible.

            If the County Attorney took a real stance against real crimes, and asked for tough sentencing for criminals, it would serve as a deterrent to others looking on.

            You have to understand though, Lawyers best interest does not run parallel with the clients or society's best interests.

            Lawyers are doing a job. No different than an employee. They are there for one reason, to get paid. In addition, if they can charge 5 grand, and get the job done in a day, that's a good day for an attorney.

            Conversely, if they made a deal with a client for a flat fee of 5k, and that client wants to take it all the way to a jury trial, etc.... that's a bad deal for the attorneys.

            So, what ends up happening, is that the attorney works extra hard to end the case, so that the agreement makes financial sense.

            The ONLY way to get your best interest protected, is to do it yourself.

            As far as the County Attorney goes, his best interest is the speedy resolution of getting his case load down. IT IS NOT TO REPRESENT THE VICTIM, homebody.

            I know that is what they "pitch", but if that were the case, they would try every case at trial that had merit. They would not allow scumbags to walk with plea agreements.

            Case in point: I APPARENTLY abused my son. Well, if I was a child abuser, why in the world would they have offered me a 100 fine if I would plead to a disorderly conduct charge?

            If I truly did what they alleged I did, HOW DARE THEY allow a child abuser to walk with a 100 fine!!!

            Where was the alleged victim's rights in all that? If my son truly was the victim, HOW DARE THEY make such an offer to the OFFENDER of such a crime!!!

            The truth of the matter is, their interest is in getting a guilty verdict only... period! And in my case, they had other motives as well, and none of them were to protect the victim.

            So jump off the "victim" bandwagon. Every decent citizen agrees with you that abusing anyone, especially women and children, is a terrible thing to have happen.

            But if you want to really change things, you need to change the people that are controlling it all. The person in charge of being "tough" on the offenders, is Bernie Cassidy and his team. They, and they alone, have the discretion to decide how much "deterrent" they are putting out there.

            Without them making an offer, there can be no acceptance. PERIOD!!!

            So, instead of complaining about the offenders taking a favorable plea bargain, go complain to your buddies at the County Attorney office for MAKING THE OFFER IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!

            HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE... which is what most of these posts are about... holding them accountable for keeping the best interest of the citizens.... NOT THEMSELVES!

          • busybody82 posted at 9:22 am on Fri, Oct 4, 2013.

            busybody82 Posts: 128

            What EVERYONE is telling you, homebody, is that the law is good but the lawyers are not doing their job. If this guy had dome some serious time on the first time around, amd he should have, it may have saved this girl. Its called deterrent. I think you just like being a victim. Victims have more rights today than ever before, but they don't tell the lawyers what to do. We have to change the lawyers to fix the problem.

          • homebody posted at 6:54 pm on Thu, Oct 3, 2013.

            homebody Posts: 46

            Your distain for a system you feel is corrupt is not my interest, nor is it my experience. My interest is domestic violence and how it can be dealt with in a way that is proactive. What can be done to help victims, offenders, and the people who are actually dealing with these issues in a court of law.
            Although I do know the women's resource center is always in need of volunteers or advocates to stand up for these victims and help get them through the process. It would serve you very well to get involved and sit beside these victims during a trail. That would give you the chance as well to get to know these attorney's and guide them away from any weak applications of the law.
            A law that varies from 24 hours to 365 days and requires not one second of mental health intervention,

            The criminal endangerment was dismissed without prejudice, meaning one party could have dropped it or the other party could have claimed insufficient evidence. Without prejudice meaning, it can be reinstated by the prosecution if sufficient evidence is provided. If a plea agreement led to that dismissal I assure you the victim was a part of that process, remember this is her husband and father of her 5 children and she loved him I assume. If there was insufficient evidence for that charge, and I do not know, there was then a chance he would be charged with nothing at all and a lawyer will not ever guarantee an outcome. There are many elements to these cases than you understand and we do not know the circumstances to this case ten years ago but I do know how the law operates.
            Once that was dismissed and a lesser charge of partner family member assault came into play he then faced between 24 hours and 365 days with ten served. Ten is actually and I am sad to say more than most of these offenders get the first offense all over the country. After ten days he then spends 355 days on probation with no mandatory mental health care to correct whatever has gone wrong in his mind.
            Hence...the statute of limitations is not limited enough and your understanding of how complicated domestic violence cases can be is extremely limited.
            These offenders do not know how to stop. They know it's wrong and they know how to go dormant but eventually it comes out and the longer they go without extreme counseling to identify why and how to correct it, the more violent they become.

          • posted at 2:30 pm on Thu, Oct 3, 2013.


            Mr. Peterson's original charge of criminal endangerment carried a $50,000 fine and 10 year prison penalty, it was plea bargained to 10 DAYS through prosecutorial discretion. The law was strict, the application was weak. Discretion is a privilege that must be used wisely. It has it's proper place in the administration of justice, it is a two edged sword that can be easily abused.

            Bernie Cassidy's team have a poor record where violence against women is concerned, homebody, or violence in general. Don't forget ,former Troy police chief Walters claimed that Bernie Cassidy covered up the taser incident we are still paying for well over $100,000 later. Bernie said the claim had no merit.

            Prosecutorial discretion and attending abuse of authority are limited by a proper understanding of the rule of law. I have long advocated for "original intent" based on the Christian influence of the framers of the Constitution. Bernard Cassidy actually made it part of his platform in his last campaign to identify anyone who advocates for a moral imperative relative to the Constitution as "radicals". When Bernie Cassidy denounces Christian values as "radical" he exposes the dark side of his own personal belief system, a system that has no principled moral background and thus, is prone to selective enforcement of the law based on arbitrary and capricious personal entanglements..

            We have seen this in his political abuse of his prosecutorial discretion. Police Officers abusing women on the job in Libby and Troy, planting evidence, his own Deputy Attorneys' actions with Hubbards children, are costing the County tons of money and credibility within the Justice system. Bernie turned a blind eye to them all.

            You said it yourself, homebody, the system that should protect the public in this County is broken. Learn just how right you are.

          • homebody posted at 12:39 pm on Thu, Oct 3, 2013.

            homebody Posts: 46

            I don't know if any of you who argue that a victim is not represented have ever been involved in a domestic violence case but from the sounds of it, the answer to that would be no. I would suggest those of you who feel you have a good grasp on how domestic violence is handled through the law, get personally involved and learn more.

          • DC Orr posted at 10:48 am on Thu, Oct 3, 2013.

            DC Orr Posts: 212

            homebody, the prosecution represents the government, the law, not the victim. The victim will testify only. They do not accept or deny plea bargains. Study just a little on prosecutorial and judicial discretion, you will see how important it is to have people in those positions that you can trust. This guy could have gone down for a year, the prosecutors let him out.

          • Justagirl posted at 11:34 pm on Wed, Oct 2, 2013.

            Justagirl Posts: 2

            God bless Tracee and her children.

          • homebody posted at 10:29 pm on Wed, Oct 2, 2013.

            homebody Posts: 46

            The defendants attorney at any time can offer a plea agreement to the prosecution who is representing the victim. I know you have a distorted view of the county attorneys but they will very much involve a victim in that process just as the defendant is involved because a victims life has been effected and may continue to be when all is said and done. A part of the legal system you seem to not understand the people involved are not just bypassed while attorney's do as they please.
            Last case involving Savage...if that victim would have known he would walk free of charges you can be sure she would have accepted some kind of plea bargain that held him responsible. I do not know if one was offered at all but there is one example of the merit to my statement. Her worst fear came true and there is always that chance.
            Your arguing this gap can't be changed because there is no time for trials and deals must be made? Correct if I am wrong because I don't want to sum that up wrong, but you did insult me below for "my niavete that supports the oppression you detest" If your going to argue that less harsh punishment saves time than you would be supporting oppression yourself.
            The offenders have a right to a trial no matter what kind of sentencing law is in place. Of course they would be more apt to accept a charge if the punishment is limited to almost nothing and that is the burden that is placed on society and attorney's who do not want to be held responsible by society for that outcome, but they are.
            Someone gets a DUI and mandatory sentencing is in place typically with a hefty fine and some form of classes ordered. Always with an option to fight charges.Harsher each time but we all know those laws have tightened over the years and start off fairly strong now. There is not one reason domestic violence cannot work the same way.

          • Concerned About Libby posted at 7:43 pm on Wed, Oct 2, 2013.

            Concerned About Libby Posts: 253

            Homebody, I understand the spirit of your arguments, but they are flawed in a number of areas, and maybe an understanding of the legal system will help.

            I take the following approach to issues: If I don't like it, I change it. If I have no ability to change it, I don't worry about it.

            You seem to be very concerned about a very serious problem, the problem is, it's truly not fixable in the way that you would like.

            1. Victims do not have a say so on whether or not a plea bargain is offered. So, you say that "many times a victim will accept a plea bargain simply based on the fear they may not be charged at all.. etc". Absolutely no merit to that argument, as the victim is not involved in the offering of a plea bargain (that's the county attorney job), nor the accepting of the offer (that's the defendants job).

            Now, the other problem the County Attorney faces is this:

            The accused have a right to a speedy trial. That is 180 days from their arrest. That is a right , and can never be taken away.

            So, if every defendant said they wanted a trial, or the County Attorney actually tried every case, because the defendant isn't willing to accept your more harsh punishment that you are asking for, they would never be able to try the cases.

            There are only 130 working days in 6 month. If you could finish every single trial in 1 day(which you clearly cannot), you would only be able to try 130 cases period.

            In Sheffields courtroom alone, he sees close to 1500 cases per year.

            If we set higher minimums, without giving the County Attorney the latitude to strike deals, then the outcome would be the release of every prisoner that did not get their trial within the 180 days. A much worse outcome.

            My point to this is, you are so passionate about your beliefs... and I agree with you on how terrible the offense is... but your focus is on something that you simply can't change, nor can anyone else, nor would it be in the best interest of society.

            The best we can hope for, is that we get the victims help, so that they are treated correctly and given counseling etc, so that the victim doesn't go back to the offender.

            That, is something you can change, and something I'd say is worth getting behind.

          • homebody posted at 3:26 pm on Wed, Oct 2, 2013.

            homebody Posts: 46

            (3) (a) (i) An offender convicted of partner or family member assault shall be fined an amount not less than $100 or more than $1,000 and be imprisoned in the county jail for a term not to exceed 1 year or not less than 24 hours for a first offense.
            HUGE gap in this with no clear indication of what constitutes the proper time. I don't think what I am saying is being communicated properly at all. Take a look at how wide open that law is. I do not support a violent person spending 10 days in jail and I do not support a suspended term at all. What I do support is for this gigantic gap to be closed so a victim is not presented a plea bargain to begin with that is not enough. A victim is already humiliated, beaten, and most likely had to testify in front of strangers ten feet from her attacker. Her state of mind is broken and the law is weak. It needs to be strengthened up so options are limited.
            I am in no way nieve to this system and have personally experienced it. I do not know the answer to this problem but giving attorney's, judges, jurors, and victims less room to work with is a good place to start.
            Also understand many times a victim will accept a plea bargain simply based on the fear they may not be charged at all or receive even less than what is presented. To big of a gap and to much room for options.

          • Chance the gardner posted at 1:26 pm on Wed, Oct 2, 2013.

            Chance the gardner Posts: 1193

            [sad] Trouble is Homebody they never stop , I served 10 years on Ambulance and the outcome was always the same woman ends up in hospital or worse everytime ! No one cares in the system , I saw this time after time ! This Mutt should be in the same cell as Savage and we should throw away the key ![thumbdown]

          • posted at 1:14 pm on Wed, Oct 2, 2013.


            The law says this guy could have gotten a year in jail on the first offense and a hefty fine, the lawers gave him 10 days. When you make excuses for the lawyers who let him off easy, Homebody, you allow those lawyers to perpetuate the exact behavior you claim to abhor.

            The law is already strict, it is the administration of that law, by the lawyers, that failed to protect this woman.

            Your misplaced trust for the County Attorneys Office is exactly the reason we have guys like this walking the streets. Your niavete supports the oppression I detest.

          • busybody82 posted at 11:27 am on Wed, Oct 2, 2013.

            busybody82 Posts: 128

            10 days for chocking her in front of the kids? Whose the brain trust that came up with that plea bargain?

          • homebody posted at 11:20 am on Wed, Oct 2, 2013.

            homebody Posts: 46

            To be clear I trust the people working for the system. I believe they do all they can with the circumstances presented to them. The county attorney does not create the laws they have to work with. A plea bargain also is not just accepted. It is typically discussed with everyone involved carefully.
            The problem with domestic violence is often times a victim has extreme pitty for the person facing consequences. We have seen that in the Laffoon/Savage connection already. That alone makes placing a consequence on someone difficult for the attorney if the victim has a say in the case.
            If the laws were more strict and created to place harsh punishment the first time around maybe and that is a huge maybe some kind of point would be made. Even placing mandatory anger management along side a mandatory sentence would be better. Blaming lawyers for the laws doesn't make any sense.

          • DC Orr posted at 9:58 am on Wed, Oct 2, 2013.

            DC Orr Posts: 212

            Ya can't have it both ways, homebody, the lenient plea bargain didn't have any effect on his behavior, the County Attorney failed to make it clear that this behavior would have consequences.

          • homebody posted at 9:18 am on Wed, Oct 2, 2013.

            homebody Posts: 46

            My heart goes out to this woman and her family. Domestic violence laws need tweaking big time. Men like this just cannot control themselves and always attack again at some point. This is a horrific attack and I can only hope everything possible is done to protect this woman and her children from ever being subjected to this man again.
            The legal system didn't teach this man to do this, but I will say the first offense laws on this issue are NOT good enough. It needs changed. First offense is 365 days suspended and that is a national partner family member assault law that is not good enough. It's a shame on you, behave until next time and there is always a next time.

          • posted at 6:10 am on Wed, Oct 2, 2013.


            Another predator given favorable treatment by the County Attorneys Office repeats his offense. The local legal system taught him to do this, boredwithit. Twenty plus years of Bernie and Co. going light on violence against women and children is bearing fruit.