Our liberties are being slowly taken away

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Letter to the Editor,

Is feudalism’s rebirth a good thing?

In my lifetime as an adult (1970s to present), the citizens of several states have gone from being free to own what they wished, live as they wished, speak as they wished, read what they wished, hold views that they wished, carry guns openly (even in Washington, D.C.) to what we have now — police units patrolling in full-body armor, ready to wrestle 85-year-old women in wheelchairs to the pavement and using tasers on anyone “suspicious-looking.”

Before this so-called modern era, we only had to protect property from burglars and robbers.

Now, we are faced with the necessity to protect all our liberty-enshrined freedoms from our very own governments. This is appalling.

What happened to the people in Montana and other states to allow themselves to be lorded over by federal despotism?

Where are the state legislatures in whose realm the few non-prohibited powers lie? Aren’t they supposed to “check” federal tyranny?

The feudal era ended centuries ago. Yet, it has been reborn in my lifetime, aided and abetted by greed and corruption at the highest levels of all government.

I am angry at the attitude of those who think this is OK. They have made me their enemy.

Isn’t it time for the people of every state to retake the field — and demand that their representatives truly represent them and not some “gnu whirled odor?”

Do people really want to be serfs, to live as mealy-mouthed little slaves, willing to enter a shower without testing the temperature of the water first?

— Lark Chadwick

Thompson Falls

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