Rosendale is a fearless conservative leader

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Iíve endorsed Matt Rosendale because I believe he will drain the swamp and will vote for a limited Constitutional government even if that means standing up to big spenders in the Republican Party.

Last year, I introduced a complete repeal of Obamacare. Seven Republican Senators voted against repealing Obamacare even though they had voted on an identical repeal bill nearly a year before.

Any old Republican isnít enough, Montana deserves a Republican who will stick to his word and stand firm and vote to repeal Obamacare.

Matt Rosendale will not waiver. I know I can count on him to help me repeal Obamacare.

Iíve gotten to know Matt and he means business about fixing Washington. Heís a strong-willed fighter who will take on the special interest status quo to demand a balanced budget, greater transparency in the federal government, and protect our constitutional rights.

Our nation is running a $21 trillion debt. We spend money like no tomorrow and with each passing year we saddle our kids with even more debt. The truth is, both parties are responsible for this reckless spending.

I came to office as part of the Tea Party that endlessly criticized Obamaís big spending and trillion-dollar annual deficits. This spring when Republicans began acting like Democrats and passed their own trillion dollar annual deficits, I said: ďNo way!Ē

The spending bill was riddled with pork and wasteful expenditures. It continued to fund sanctuary cities and Planned Parenthood. The bill was pure insanity and yet once again these budget busting bills passed with bipartisan support. Unacceptable!

We donít need any old Republican. We need a Montana Senator brave enough to vote no whether the deficits are coming from Democrats or Republicans. I believe Matt has that kind of courage.

Matt Rosendale doesnít just talk about cutting spending or balancing the budget. Heís done it and he has a proven record to run on.

Matt cut operating costs in the Auditorís Office by 23 percent and he refused a pay increase when every other statewide elected official was all too eager to get their hands on a bigger paycheck. Matt demonstrated real leadership there and those are exactly the values we need back in Washington. With that kind of courage, it gives me hope that we can curb our spending addiction and finally balance the budget!

Our great country also faces a growing threat from the power of the Federal Reserve. They create endless streams of money, conceal information on their operations, and have agreements with foreign governments and central banks that we know very little about. In their entire 105-year history, there has never been a completed audit on the entire Federal Reserve system. They are operating with no real accountability to the taxpayer. We need to Audit the Fed and I appreciate Matt Rosendaleís support for my legislation. By working together, we can bring the American people greater transparency, oversight, and accountability to the Federal Reserve.

I also know Matt as a tireless advocate for civil liberties and privacy rights. In the Legislature, Matt led on this issue and the state of Montana has some of the strongest privacy protections in the nation. I look forward to working with Matt in the U.S. Senate to restore checks and balances, end abuse by the federal government, and uphold our Fourth Amendment rights. I know we can put an end to the warrantless searches and the illegal spying on innocent Americans.

The only way to bring change to Washington is by electing strong conservative leaders who will hold steadfast in their values. Matt is the type of fearless conservative leader I want fighting by my side in the U.S. Senate.

Rand Paul is the junior U.S. senator from Kentucky.

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