Montana Deserves a U.S. Senator Who Means Business

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Like many Montana ranchers, I know the importance of having good neighbors. When harvest time rolls around and neighbors are shorthanded, we help load up the wheat or the sugar beets in the field and get them to market. When a prairie fire rips through, good neighbors help rebuild fences. This isnít done for reward or payment, itís just what we do here in Montana.

When youíre ranching and people are counting on you, you donít put up with nonsense. You have to get things done. Itís about time Washington, D.C. worked that way.

As I travel across the state with my wife, Jean, of 32 years, we hear at nearly every stop that Montanans are fed up with the political games back in Washington. They are done with the politicians who say one thing campaigning back home but then vote the other way back in D.C.

As your next U.S. Senator, I mean business about what I say, and Iíll serve exactly as I campaign. All you need to do is look at my record.

When my Glendive community approached me to run for the Montana Legislature, they asked me to reduce spending and regulations, defend our gun and property rights, and always fight for life. Thatís exactly what I did.

As State Auditor, I cut my officeís operating costs by 23 percent when Montanaís budget was in crisis and refused a pay increase when every other elected state official took one. Thatís what you do when youíre a leader. Thatís what it will take to get serious about ending Washingtonís spending addiction.

Iím not running to bring home the bacon Ė Iím running to slaughter the hog of big government.

Iím in this race to get the government off our backs and to protect our Montana way of life.

You can count on me to fight for a balanced budget amendment and to follow through and repeal Obamacare Ė every word of it.

I will stand strong against the leftís gun-grab agenda.

I will protect and expand access to our public lands Ė and fight back against the bureaucrats who lock-up our public lands and the radical environmentalists who sue to shut down proper management of our forests.

Unlike Senator Tester, I wonít support shipping billions of dollars to the Iranian regime Ė the worldís number one sponsor of terrorism.

Unlike Senator Tester, I wonít support dangerous sanctuary cities and I will never put the interests of illegal immigrants ahead of Montanaís military, seniors and children.

Unlike Senator Tester, I wonít vote against tax cuts for Montanans while voting for trillions in more debt and taxpayer bonuses for my office.

Itís time for a Senator who means business about serving the people of Montana.

Iím honored to have strong support from across the state and from national conservative leaders we all admire like Senators Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee as well as President Trumpís National Security Adviser John Bolton.

This November, the people of Montana are going to elect someone to the U.S. Senate with a flat-top. The only question is: Will it be Jon Tester, who stands with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, or Matt Rosendale who will stand up and fight for the people of Montana?

I humbly ask for your vote for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate.

Thank you and God bless to each of you and your family.

Matt Rosendale is a rancher from Glendive and serves as the State Auditor. Heís running for the Republican nomination in the U.S. Senate race.

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