CC’s ice cream shop to host soft openning

Jim Hayes, former Libby Chamber of Commerce President, has announced the soft opening on Tuesday of CCs ice cream and old fashioned candy shop right on Mineral Avenue.

While the business isnt complete the old fashioned candy jars featuring 1950s candy and decorations havent come in yet they will be serving ice cream.

This isnt Hayes first business on Mineral, he also owns the cigar shop which has a Kodak parts manufacturer.

The store is opening in the former location of the Montanian Newspaper.

Hayes resigned from the Chamber last week. Part of the reason he resigned, Hayes said, is to spend more time running his businesses.

I want to see Mineral alive again, Hayes said.

CCs has been in the making since last June, when Hayes announced that he would be ready by Ignite the Nites in August.

I wasnt lying, because now were actually ahead of schedule, Hayes joked.

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